Vtuber Model Commission 004 - Dragon Vtuber

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to create another Vtuber model, this is my fifth model, and each time I learn more and more skills and techniques for the next one. I was tasked to concept, illustrate, cut, and rig this model. I am not under NDA for this model and the client was kind enough to let me use this model to post and explain my process before she debuts the model. 

Starting with the preliminary 6 model sketches, I used an A-pose base I've created to more clearly showcase the concepts. 

Once these sketches were done, I sent them to the client for feedback. We went over each of the designs and pointed out things she liked (in green) and disliked (in red). 

The dot point of notes below:

Things she liked

  • Curved horns #3
  • Glasses #3
  • Body marks #3
  • Chest plate #4
  • Scales #4
  • Shoes #4
  • Tail (slightly slimmer) #4
  • Cape and shoulder harness #5
  • Faulds #5 
  • Armguards #5 
  • Claws (make sure it's toggleable) #5 
  • Visor #6
  • Wings #6
  • A mix of straight (fringe) and spiky hair  #5 & #2

Things she disliked:

  • Remove the wings on shoe #4
  • No head wings #4 & #6

From there I started playing around with #4 as the base. Playing around with hair and shoulder designs.

We eventually decided to settle on this design, and I moved forward to colour sketches. 

I started with a couple of colour pallets from our first conversation where we had a couple of dot points, but eventually, I had the idea to bring in inspiration from her favorite F1 Team, even making a parody dragon version of the logo. This is the colour scheme we decided to go with for the model. 

The next blog post will be after I complete the model illustration (which is already at 125 layers and not even done). Thank you for reading! I'm also working on a tutorial for Live 2D model making so please keep an eye out for that in the future.