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Mellowmares Production Blog

The past few weeks I've been working on Mellowmares. Our project was originally being made in Unity, but due to programming roadblocks, we ended up making the move to Unreal 4. We have 2 designers who are well versed in blueprints so making the move really took the weight off the back of our programmer.

Since the art side of things transferred pretty easily from one engine to the other, I wasn't pushed far back at all. In fact, our game looks better due to the awesome shader made by Cassandra Zanin.

Bench and Cabinet modular pieces


Modular shelving and various assets


Used as a launchpad to jump onto high platforms.


Milk Carton

Milk for a puzzle + background asset.

Paper Towel + slightly unravelled variant

Used as a barrier to force players to use the splitting mechanic

Shelf (long)

One of the 3 shelf sizes used for a platform 

Splashback a + Trimming

Background assets

Bench (no doors)

Bench (with doors)

Cabinet (wood Doors)

Cabinet (glass doors)

Coffee Bag

Puzzle and background asset



We went for an excursion to Ikea to gather references for the game. Once the game is complete, I may make an asset pack and chuck it onto my gumroad.